The Future Reserves Research Programme involves four projects looking at various aspects of life as a Reservist.

Three of these projects (‘Negotiating civilian and military lives’, ‘The role of army reservists’ and ‘Sustaining future Reserves 2020’)  are interested in how reserve service affects families. For more information about these projects, please visit our home page.

Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh, Exeter and Lancaster would like to speak with family members of Reservists to find out more about their experiences. They want to find out how reservists and their families cope with the demands of military service, civilian work and family life.

The results of this research will be used by the Ministry of Defence and the British Army to help make decisions about the future of the Armed Forces.

To take part in the research, or to sign up to receive updates please email: families@future-reserves-research.ac.uk

Thank you for your interest.