Briefing Series June 2018

FRRP Themed Briefing 1  Reservist motivations to serve

FRRP Themed Briefing 2  Families, relationships & Reserve service

FRRP Themed Briefing 3  Supporting employer and employee engagement in the Reserves Service

FRRP Themed Briefing 4  The Reserves and wider civil-military relationships

FRRP Project Briefing 1  Negotiating civilian and military lives: How Reservists manage their military service, families and civilian work

FRRP Project Briefing 2  Keeping Enough in Reserve: The employment of hybrid citizen soldiers and the Future Reserves 2020 programme

FRRP Project Briefing 3  The role of Army Reservists: An analysis of their experiences and the attitudes and perceptions of civilian employers, regulars and significant others

FRRP Project Briefing 4  Sustaining Future Reserves 2020: Assessing organisational commitment in the Reserves

FRRP information sheet – qualitative research and numbers of research participants

Additional Briefings

Best practice in employer support for Reservists: The views of Reservist employees

Journal articles

Timothy Edmunds, Antonia Dawes, Paul Higate, K. Neil Jenkings and Rachel Woodward (2016) Reserve forces and the transformation of British military organisation: soldiers, citizens and society. Defence Studies 16 (2): 118-136. It is also available at:

Victoria M. Basham & Sergio Catignani (2018) War is where the hearth is: gendered labor and the everyday reproduction of the geopolitical in the army reserves, International Feminist Journal of Politics, DOI: 10.1080/14616742.2018.1442736