Briefing Series June 2018

FRRP Themed Briefing 1  Reservist motivations to serve

FRRP Themed Briefing 2  Families, relationships & Reserve service

FRRP Themed Briefing 3  Supporting employer and employee engagement in the Reserves Service

FRRP Themed Briefing 4  The Reserves and wider civil-military relationships

FRRP Project Briefing 1  Negotiating civilian and military lives: How Reservists manage their military service, families and civilian work

FRRP Project Briefing 2  Keeping Enough in Reserve: The employment of hybrid citizen soldiers and the Future Reserves 2020 programme

FRRP Project Briefing 3  The role of Army Reservists: An analysis of their experiences and the attitudes and perceptions of civilian employers, regulars and significant others

FRRP Project Briefing 4  Sustaining Future Reserves 2020: Assessing organisational commitment in the Reserves

FRRP information sheet – qualitative research and numbers of research participants

Journal articles

Timothy Edmunds, Antonia Dawes, Paul Higate, K. Neil Jenkings and Rachel Woodward (2016) Reserve forces and the transformation of British military organisation: soldiers, citizens and society. Defence Studies 16 (2): 118-136. It is also available at:

Victoria M. Basham & Sergio Catignani (2018) War is where the hearth is: gendered labor and the everyday reproduction of the geopolitical in the army reserves, International Feminist Journal of Politics, DOI: 10.1080/14616742.2018.1442736