The Team

Lead researchers:
Sergio Catignani leads on a project looking at how the pressures of civilian and family life may affect reservists’ decisions to continue serving.

Sarah Cunningham-Burley  leads on a project looking at how part-time military service affects families and relationships.

Sabir Giga  leads a project looking at how reservists cope with the competing responsibilities of military service, family life and civilian employment.

Rachel Woodward leads on a project which is looking at how the ‘whole force’ structure may affect the relationship between the armed forces and civilian society.

Meet the integration team:

The integration team are working with the MOD, policy-makers and employers to make sure that the results of the research are shared with the wider community and that the research is used when decisions are made.

Sarah Cunningham-Burley
Wendy Loretto
Zoe Morrison
Sarah Morton
Lesley Kelly