Introduction from Major General Ranald Munro

I’m delighted to introduce myself to the Future Reserves Research Programme (FRRP).

Earlier this year I took over as the Assistant Chief of Defence Staff for Reserve Forces and Cadets within the Ministry of Defence.  As Defence’s most senior Reservist, I represent the Royal Naval Reserve, the Royal Marines Reserve, the Royal Air Force Reserves and the Army Reserve.   We have committed to achieving a target of 35,000 trained Reservists by 2019, and are working to create a force in which Reservists and Regulars work alongside and complement each other, meeting Defence requirements in a different way from the past.  This has necessitated a number of policy changes.

I have been a Reservist for 30 years and have experienced first-hand the effects of Reserve service – the opportunities and, on occasion, the challenges – on both my family and my employer.  I have also experienced personally what can affect and motivate Reservists, and the balances that I have had to make to succeed in both my Service and civilian careers.

The long-term research conducted by the FRRP by a broad spectrum of academics will help to identify and understand the range of issues experienced by Reserve personnel, which will then be used by the MOD to ensure that our policies are informed and sustainable.  This independent and thorough research is absolutely crucial to creating sound, evidence-based policy making, and I look forward to being part of the Programme.

Major General Ranald Munro